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25"×22" Rectangular Drop-in Kitchen Sink, Granite Composite With Multiple Styles

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SKU: DV-1K0169
Amount of Basins

Improve your kitchen's effectiveness with the DeerValley single basin farmhouse workstation sink. Made from sturdy composite granite, it promises enduring elegance and dependable operation. Its generous single basin effortlessly fits large cookware and the sloped bottom aids in easy draining and cleaning. With a built-in ledge for better workflow, this sink provides a versatile workspace. Moreover, it includes a personalized dish-drying rack and cutting board, enabling convenient kitchen tasks directly over the sink.

  • Excellent Material: This kitchen sink is made of high-quality composite granite, which is durable and long-lasting. Its smooth and compact surface design, free of pore hazards, completely improves kitchen hygiene and makes cleaning easier.
  • Generous Space: Our deep basin sink, measuring 25" L x 22.01" W x 12.24" H, provides ample room for kitchen tasks. Pre-drilled holes accommodate soap dispensers or water filtration faucets, and the standard 3-1/2” offset drain opening fits any garbage disposal unit seamlessly.
  • Bonus Accessories: Comes complete with essential accessories, including a dish-drying rack, bamboo cutting board, and basket strainer—everything needed for streamlined tasks. The gently sloped sink bottom helps prevent water from pooling, ensuring efficient drainage.
  • Durable and Safe: 25" single bowl composite granite sink is durable, strong and can withstand high temperature cookware. Natural quartz stone allows direct contact with food without contaminating it, truly food grade sink. Superior black kitchen sink is rich and stable in color, not easy to darken or fade over time, cool matte black can hide stains without looking dirty.
  • Noise Defend/Fast Drainage: Thick composite granite construction is naturally sound deadening, effectively eliminating vibrations, the sharp sound of running water, or the echo of falling dishes and cups. Rounded corners, easy to clean and reduce stain residue, slightly sloped inner bowl allow the black quartz sink to drain quickly. 

Weights & Dimensions

SKU:  DV-1K0169 DV-1K0170 DV-1K0171
Overall Product Weight:  26.62 lb. 32.56 lb. 35.42 lb.
Basin:  23.03"L X 16.22/17"W X 11.8"D 31.02"L X 16.22/17"W X 9.8"D 31.02"L X 16.22/17"W X 9.8"D
Overall:  25"L X 22.01"W X 12.24"H 32.99"L X 22.01"W X 10.24"H 32.99"L X 22.01"W X 10.24"H
Drain Size (Diameter) :  3.54" 3.54" 3.54"
Amount of Basins Single Single Double

What's Included?

    Kitchen Sink Drain, Cutting Board, Roll-Up Dish Rack

    Compatible Accessories

    • Kitchen Sink Drain: DV-1D907
    • Cutting Board: DV-K0169B08
    • Roll-Up Dish Rack: DV-K0169R08

    Installation Manual:

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