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25"x19" Rectangular Drop-in Kitchen Sink, Granite Composite With Multiple Styles

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SKU: DV-1K0172
Amount of Basins

Enhance your kitchen efficiency with the DeerValley single basin kitchen sink. Crafted from durable composite granite, this sink ensures years of enduring beauty and reliable performance. Its spacious single basin effortlessly accommodates large pots, pans, and dishes, while the sloped bottom facilitates efficient drainage and easy cleaning. Equipped with a cutting board and a roll-up dish drying rack, this sink enhances workflow, providing a versatile workspace. Additionally, with the included custom dish drying rack and cutting board, you can conveniently tackle kitchen tasks right at the sink.


  • Vibrant Color Longevity: The UV-stable composite granite material ensures a rich, non-fading hue, maintaining its original color over time for a visually striking kitchen centerpiece.
  • Seamless Integration: Its undermount design provides a sleek and seamless look, seamlessly blending with any kitchen countertop for a modern aesthetic.
  • Easy to clean: The rounded corners are designed for easy cleaning, while the sloped bottom helps with sink drainage, maintaining kitchen cleanliness.
  • Quiet Operation: Its naturally sound-absorbing properties reduce noise during use, creating a more tranquil kitchen environment, especially during hectic meal prep times.
  • Efficient Drainage: Engineered for easy draining with a gently sloped bottom, this sink prevents standing water, promoting cleanliness and hygiene in the kitchen.

Weights & Dimensions

SKU:  DV-1K0172 DV-1K0173 DV-1K0175
Overall Product Weight:  23.98 lb. 28.38 lb. 43.23 lb.
Basin:  23.03"L X 16.22/17"W X 11.8"D 31.02"L X 16.22/17"W X 9.8"D 31.02"L X 16.22/17"W X 9.8"D
Overall:  25"L X 18.98"W X 12.24"H 32.99"L X 18.98"W X 10.24"H 32.99"L X 18.98"W X 10.24"H
Drain Size (Diameter) :  3.54" 3.54" 3.54"
Amount of Basins Single Single


What's Included?

    Kitchen Sink Drain, Cutting Board, Roll-Up Dish Rack.

    Compatible Accessories

    • Kitchen Sink Drain: DV-1D907
    • Cutting Board: DV-K0169B08
    • Roll-Up Dish Rack: DV-K0169R08
    Installation Manual:

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