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Two-Piece Elongated Toilet, 12" Rough-in Dual-Flush

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Introducing our two-piece toilet with a uniquely taller bowl, offering a comfortable seating height of 21 inches from the floor, which is 4 inches higher than standard ADA toilets. This design enhancement ensures enhanced safety and convenience for taller individuals, the elderly, and those with disabilities. The extra tall bowl specifically prevents falls during transitions, providing a secure and confident bathroom experience. With its thoughtfully crafted accessibility, this toilet is perfect for creating a safer and more convenient bathroom environment for users of varying heights and abilities.


  • Heightened Seat, Enhanced Comfort:?Our high toilet stands out with its exceptional 21-inch seat height, ensuring easier and more comfortable sitting and standing for seniors, pregnant women, individuals with disabilities, and taller users. The heightened, elongated design promotes a natural posture for comfortable, flexible seating without fatigue.
  • Dual Siphonic Flush for Water Conservation: Select between a partial flush of 1.1 gallons per flush (GPF) or a full flush of 1.6 GPF. Both choices deliver a quiet, powerful flushing capability, effectively clearing the bowl while minimizing water usage.
  • Soft Closing Seat: The ultra-high seat lifts off easily for thorough cleaning, and the soft-closing feature ensures a quiet close without any fuss. Our toilet's glazed surface and stain-resistant finish repel dirt, inhibiting unpleasant stains and odors. Enjoy a consistently fresh and hassle-free bathroom experience.
  • 12 Inch Rough-In: The 12-inch rough-in ensures compatibility with standard bathroom configurations, making installation hassle-free. Whether you're installing it as a new fixture or replacing an existing toilet, our design eliminates the need for extensive modifications.
  • Quality Assurance and Warranty: Each toilet undergoes rigorous factory testing to guarantee flawless performance from the first use to the last. Strict quality control ensures no defects like leaking or cracking will disrupt your bathroom routine. For your peace of mind, our 21 Inch Tall Toilet comes with a 1-year warranty.


cUPC: Uniquely blend safety, hygiene, quality, and performance.

EPA: Seamlessly blend comfort with environmental responsibility, excelling in performance.
CEC: Certified user experience, energy efficiency, and environmental preservation.
Weights & Dimensions

Overall: 29.53"L X 16.54"W X 35.83"H
Rough In Size: 12"
Toilet Seat Height - Top to Bottom: 21.38"
Bowl Height - Top to Bottom: 20.67"
Tank: 13.39"H X 15.75"L X 7.48"W
Tank Lid: 1.57"H X 16.54"L X 7.87"W
Bolts Spread Distance: 5.51"
Distance from the Seat Installation Hole to the Tank: 3.27"
Distance from the Back of the Toilet to the Wall: 4.33"
Toilet Installation Hole Distance: 5.98"
Height from the Bottom of the Water Tank to the Ground: 21.06"
Distance Between the Center of Adapter and the Center of Trapway: 5.12"
Trapway Diameter: 2.17"
Toilet Seat: 1.97/1.18 Back/Front" H X 13.78"W X 17.91"L
Toilet Seat Inside Ring: 8.27"W X 11.81"L
Bowl: 14.96"L X 11.42"W X 20.67"H
Toilet Base Dimension: 21.06"L X 10.24"W
Overall Product Weight: 100.64 lb.
Flush Volume: 1.1/1.6 GPF

What is included in the package?

  • Waxring screw, Toilet Seat, Fitting.

Compatible Accessories

  • Fill Valve: DV-F0078V01
  • Toilet Seat: DV-F0143S11
  • Waxring: DV-F0143P11
  • Water Tank Fixing Screw Package: DV-F0076P41
  • Toilet Seat Quick Release Bracket: DV-F0143S01

Installation Manual:

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