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ALLY One-Piece Elongated Toilet, Dual Flush Standard-Size with Multiple Colors

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This dual-flush elongated floor-mounted one-piece toilet combines contemporary style and comfort. Its glazed surface adds sophistication and is easy to maintain. The toilet seat lid closes silently, creating a peaceful bathroom environment. Featuring selectable 1.6GPF or 1.1GPF dual-flush technology, it allows water-efficient use suited to each task. A fully glazed flush then provides powerful yet whisper-quiet waste removal without clogs or leaks. The skirted one-piece toilet simplifies installation and cleaning. The comfortable seating height reduces strain and enhances comfort. Crafted from high-quality ceramic, this Elongated skirted one-piece toilet is resistant to scratches, stains, and fading. The seamless integration of the tank and bowl creates a sleek and easy-to-clean design. The toilet includes a seat and wax rings for convenient installation and use.

  • Enhance your modern design bathroom with the sleek and stylish modern standard elongated one-piece toilet. Its skirted design features terrific lines that perfectly complement contemporary aesthetics.
  • The glazed surface of this toilet is not only visually appealing but also self-cleaning, simplifying maintenance. Cleaning is effortless, thanks to its easily accessible design. Compared to a two-piece toilet, the elongated one-piece skirted design makes maintenance much easier.
  • Enjoy water conservation with the highly efficient dual-flush system, allowing you to select 1.1 GPF or higher (1.6 GPF) for tougher jobs. The siphon flushing and fully glazed flush system ensure powerful flushing without clogs or leaks.
  • Crafted from ceramic with high-temperature calcination, this toilet offers strong texture, pressure resistance, corrosion resistance, and scratch resistance.
  • The concealed trapway and fully glazed surface design of this elongated one-piece skirted toilet make cleaning a breeze. With no corners or grooves, it's incredibly easy to reach and keep clean.
  • Installation of this floor-mounted one-piece toilet is straightforward, but remember to turn off the water supply before starting the installation process.
  • The push-button removable seat simplifies cleaning, featuring a three-step operation - click, remove, and install - for easy maintenance.
  • A soft-closing seat lowers slowly and quietly to prevent noisy disturbances, especially at night. Quality stainless steel hinges ensure smooth functioning and durability.


cUPC: Uniquely blend safety, hygiene, quality, and performance.

EPA: Seamlessly blend comfort with environmental responsibility, excelling in performance.
CEC: Certified user experience, energy efficiency, and environmental preservation.

Weights & Dimensions

Overall: 28.15"L X 14.17"W X 26.97"H
Rough In Size: 12"
Toilet Seat Height - Top to Bottom: 16.85"
Bowl Height - Top to Bottom: 15.94"
Tank: 9.29"H X 13.78"L X 6.69"W
Tank Lid: 1.38"H X 13.98"L X 6.81"W
Bolts Spread Distance: 5.51"
Distance from the Seat Installation Hole to the Tank: 2.91"
Distance from the Back of the Toilet to the Wall: 2.36"
Toilet Installation Hole Distance: 5.91"
Height from the Bottom of the Water Tank to the Ground: 15.67"
Distance Between the Center of Adapter and the Center of Trapway: 3.62"
Trapway Diameter: 2.17"
Toilet Seat: 1.97/1.38 Back/Front" H X 13.98"W X 17.72"L
Toilet Seat Inside Ring: 8.66"W X 12.2"L
Bowl: 13.98"L X 10.75"W X 15.94"H
Toilet Base Dimension: 21.26"L X 9.84"W
Overall Product Weight: 110 lb.
Toilet Color: White/Black
Button Color: Silver/White/Gold/Black

Flush Volume: 1.1/1.6 GPF

What is included in the package?

  • Toilet Seat, Fitting, Anchor Screw, Toilet Flange, Toilet tank side lid.

Compatible Accessories

Installation Manual:

Spec Sheet:

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