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DeerValley DV-1S0029 Smart Bidet Toilet, One-Piece Elongated Smart Toilet with Foot Kick Flush, Warm Wash (Seat Included)

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SKU: DV-1S0029
The Smart Toilet is featured with heated seats, warm water wash and massage that add to their comfortable cleaning experience. The bidet's double nozzle design enables front wash and rear wash that the users can enjoy a spa-like massage via its pulse-flushing mode. Smart toilets also provide great health benefits and different washes features that can be used to improve the circulation of blood. And self-cleaning wand automatically cleans inside before and after each use. The side knob provides great convenience for flushing during power outages. Provides luxury and cleanliness with one click and saves the setting steps next time. DeerValley smart bidet toilet series is always the wise choice for customers!
  • [Instant Heated Seat] The instant heated seat is featured with unique Low-Temp Anti Scalding Tech which can add warm care in winter.
  • [Female Cleaning Nozzle] Gentle female cleaning, comprehensive mobile cleaning, hygienic nozzle self-cleaning and comfortable massage cleaning meet the diverse needs of you and your family.
  • The closed-loop heating and temperature control system provides a 4-gear adjustable temperature range of 93.2 °F to 102.2 °F for fast drying.
  • [Adjustable Temperature] The closed-loop heating and temperature control system provides a 4-gear adjustable temperature range of 93.2 °F to 102.2 °F for fast drying.
  • [Automatic Flush] Off-seat automatic flush, lumbar protective foot kick flush advoid bending too much, manual knob for blackout flush and remote flush.
  • [Deodor Effect] When seated, the deodorizing fan is automatically turned on, remove the unpleasant smells.


cUPC: Uniquely blend safety, hygiene, quality, and performance.

  EPA: Seamlessly blend comfort with environmental responsibility, excelling in performance.
   CEC: Certified user experience, energy efficiency, and environmental preservation.

Weights & Dimensions

Overall: 26.89'' L X 15.79'' W X 18.54'' H

Overall Product Weight: 96.36 lb

Rough In Size: 12.01''

Seat Height: 17.05''-17.20''

Bowl Height: 15.67''-15.83''

Toilet Installation Hole Distance: 7.08''

Trapway Diameter: 2.24''

Toilet Seat: 17.95'' L X 14.57'' W X 1.38'' H

Toilet Seat Inside Ring Width: 8.07

Toilet Base Dimension(Length & Width): 17.97'' L X 14.57'' W

Color: White

Toilet material: VC

Toilet seat material: PP

Bowl shape: D circle

Flushing method: super swirl siphon

Maximum flushing volume: 4.8 L

MaP Score: 4.8 L single file

Soft Close: slow down but not quick release

Glazed Trapway: Yes

Trapway Design: S bend

Does it include an adapter: Yes

Does it include a water supply pipe: Yes

Pipe opening size for connection to water supply pipe: G½ quarter opening

Power supply mode: 110V 60Hz

Plug Type: US standard plug

Battery or Battery Included: No


Rear cleaning: Yes

Front cleaning: Yes

Instant heating: Yes

Oscillating cleaning: Yes

Hot & cold massage cleaning: Yes

Bubble cleansing: No

Water temperature adjustment: Yes

Water pressure adjustment: Yes

Nozzle position adjustment: Yes

Self-cleaning nozzle: Yes

Antibacterial nozzle & seat cover: Yes

UV cleansing nozzle: No

Double water filtration: No


Seat heating: Yes

Seat ring temperature adjustment: Yes

Warm wind drying: Yes

Warm wind temperature adjustment: Yes

Air-cleaning filter system: Yes

Electrostatic induction: Yes

Soft close seat cover: Yes

Human care

Night-light: Yes

light sensing device: No

Foot touch control flush: Yes

Remote control: Yes

Flushing without Electricity: Yes

Side button control: Yes

Automatic flush: Yes

Remote control flush: Yes

Flushing water pressure: Yes

Washing in advance: Yes

Sensor activated lid: No

Foot control seat cover open and close: No


Air isolation channel backflow prevention: Yes

Business mode: Yes

Nano glaze: Yes

Eight-fold protection: Yes

Ultraviolet sterilization: No

Self diagnosis: Yes

Memory function: Yes

Prevent low temperature scald: Yes

What's Included?

Toilet Seat, Wax Ring Kit, Bolts, Supply Line

Installation Manual: 
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