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Two-Piece Elongated Toilet, 12" Rough-in Single-Flush

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SKU: DV-2F0143
The DeerValley 21-inch High Toilet enhances comfort for all users. Its 21-inch height provides easier access for seniors and tall individuals, eliminating the need for straining or slouching. Compatible with standard bathroom configurations, the 12-inch rough-in allows for simple installation as a new fixture or replacement upgrade. An efficient Single Flush & Siphonic Jet system delivers powerful flushes with just 1.28 GPF of water, conserving water while completely clearing waste.
  • Heightened Seat for Maximum Comfort: This tall toilet features an impressive 21-inch seat height, surpassing standard ADA toilets by 4 inches. This ensures a more accessible and comfortable experience for seniors, pregnant women, individuals with disabilities, and taller users. Crafted for safer bathroom use, the heightened and elongated design encourages a natural posture, providing comfortable and flexible seating without inducing fatigue.
  • 1.28 GPF Siphonic Single-Flush Toilet: Our high-efficiency toilet incorporates siphonic single-flush technology, utilizing just 1.28 gallons per flush to optimize water efficiency without compromising performance. Enjoy consistently reliable flushing, preventing clogs, and conserving water with each flush.
  • Gentle-Close Seat: The soft-closing seat lowers gradually and silently, preventing any slamming. The extra-high seat easily lifts off for improved accessibility and thorough cleaning. With a glazed surface and a robust, stain-resistant finish, it repels dirt and grime, resisting the formation of unsightly stains and unpleasant odors, ensuring the toilet maintains a fresh appearance effortlessly.
  • Hassle-Free Floor Mounted Installation: Our comfort height elongated toilet has a 12-inch rough-in, ensuring easy installation and compatibility with standard bathroom configurations. No extensive modifications are required when replacing your existing toilet.
  • Durable Construction and Warranty: Our bathroom sink is built to last with high-quality materials and rigorous industry standards. It offers sturdy construction and comes with a 1-year warranty. Our dedicated team is available to provide 24-hour support and personalized after-sales service for your satisfaction.


cUPC: Uniquely blend safety, hygiene, quality, and performance.

EPA: Seamlessly blend comfort with environmental responsibility, excelling in performance.
CEC: Certified user experience, energy efficiency, and environmental preservation.

Weights & Dimensions

Overall: 29.53"L X 15.75"W X 36.02"H
Rough In Size: 12"
Toilet Seat Height - Top to Bottom: 21.38"
Bowl Height - Top to Bottom: 20.67"
Tank: 13.5"H X 15.12"L X 7.68"W
Tank Lid: 1.57"H X 15.75"L X 7.87"W
Bolts Spread Distance: 5.51"
Distance from the Seat Installation Hole to the Tank: 3.27"
Distance from the Back of the Toilet to the Wall: 4.33"
Toilet Installation Hole Distance: 5.98"
Height from the Bottom of the Water Tank to the Ground: 21.06"
Distance Between the Center of Adapter and the Center of Trapway: 5.12"
Trapway Diameter: 2.17"
Toilet Seat: 1.97/1.18 Back/Front" H X 13.78"W X 17.91"L
Toilet Seat Inside Ring: 8.27"W X 11.81"L
Bowl: 14.96"L X 11.42"W X 20.67"H
Toilet Base Dimension: 21.06"L X 10.24"W
Overall Product Weight: 100.64 lb.
Flush Volume: 1.28 GPF

What is included in the package?

  • Waxring screw, Toilet Seat, Fitting.

Compatible Accessories

  • Toilet Seat: DV-F0143S11
  • Fill Valve: DV-F0143V01
  • Waxring: DV-F0143P11
  • Tank Lid: DV-F0143T11
  • Flush Button: DV-F0143V31
  • Water Tank Fixing Screw Package: DV-F0076P41
  • Toilet Seat Quick Release Bracket: DV-F0143S01

    Installation Manual:

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