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8 Effective Methods to Unclog Your Toilet

8 Effective Methods to Unclog Your Toilet

In this tutorial, we will share with you 9 simple and effective methods to unclog your toilet.

Tape Method:

    Using a roll of wide yellow duct tape, tightly seal it around the rim of the toilet. Press the tape down firmly and then flush the toilet. The pressure from the water will cause the tape to expand, and by pressing down on it, you can quickly eliminate the clog. Ensure there are no gaps in the tape to prevent any air circulation.

    Water Hose Method:

      Connect a long pipe to your water tap, and insert the hose into the blocked drain. Open the valve to the maximum, and let the water pressure do the work for you. Be mindful not to use a hose that is too thick as it may affect the water pressure.

      Hot Water + Dish Soap Method:

        Pour boiling hot water mixed with dish soap into the clogged toilet. Then, vigorously plunge the water using a plunger until the blockage is cleared. It is crucial to use scalding hot water for this method.

        Baking Soda + Vinegar Method:

          Pour a generous amount of baking soda into the toilet, followed by an equal amount of vinegar (1:1 ratio). After a chemical reaction takes place, wait for approximately 15 minutes, and the clog should clear rapidly. Finally, pour some hot water and cover the toilet with the lid.

          Large Soda Bottle Method:

            In the absence of a plunger, you can use a large soda bottle. Cut open the bottom of the bottle and apply pressure onto the pipe opening, similar to using a plunger. Repeat this action multiple times until the blockage is cleared. Remember to tightly seal the bottle's mouth.

            Drain Snake Method:

              Using a drain snake, insert it into the toilet and push it through the drain. Move it back and forth to dislodge and break down the clog until the toilet is unclogged.

              Wet/Dry Vacuum Method:

                If you have a wet/dry vacuum cleaner at home, empty the toilet of all water using the vacuum. Then, insert the flexible hose into the drain and seal any gaps with a cloth. Turn on the vacuum to create suction, and the blockage will be pulled out. Remember to use only wet/dry vacuum cleaners with a water suction function.

                Repeat Flushing Method:

                  For minor clogs such as toilet paper or cloth accumulation, the simplest solution is to repeatedly flush the toilet until it clears. Be sure to continue this process until the toilet flushes smoothly again.


                  With these nine methods at your disposal, you can now confidently tackle any toilet clog that comes your way. Whether using common household items or specialized tools, these techniques will come in handy when faced with a troublesome toilet. Remember to take proper precautions, follow the instructions carefully, and soon you'll have a clear and functioning toilet once again!




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