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DeerValley DV-F0071S11 Quick-Release Soft-Close Square Plastic Polypropylene (PP) Toilet Seat (Fit with DV-1F0071/DV-1F0072)

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SKU: DV-F0071S11

This white toilet seat made of PP material is simply designed to make installation and cleaning a breeze. Slow-close hinges help to eliminate slamming by lowering the lid smoothly and quietly. The quick-release design makes this seat can be easily removed and makes cleaning convenient. Durable plastic with white hinges makes for a uniform design.


  • Polypropylene (PP) is a white, mechanically rugged material that has a high chemical resistance and is harder and more heat resistant.

  • This toilet seat could be the replacement seat for our toilets.

  • Part Number: DV-1F0071 and DV-1F0072

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