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DeerValley DV-1F0071 Ace Dual-Flush Square/Rectangular Floor Mounted One-Piece Toilet (Seat Included)

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SKU: DV-1F0071
The DeerValley toilet possesses a rectangle seat and is easily installed and easy to keep clean. Elegance is added to any bathroom given its graceful design, while the square bowl offers improved comfort. The one-piece design makes it easy to install, and the soft-close toilet seat ensures that your family will not be awakened by the sound of the toilet lid closing. A fully skirted is both easy to clean and visually appealing, to be extremely resistant to scratches and stains.


  • The rectangle bowl offers a wide seating area.
  • With a self-cleaning glaze, this one-piece toilet is not easy to leave stains and has a super antibacterial effect.
  • Concealed trap way design avoids the accumulation of dust and dirt in curved pipes which is more hygienic and easier to clean.
  • The dual-flush feature is ideal for water conservation.
  • This one-piece toilet is friendly-designed and easy to maintain.
  • Professional after-sale service and a one-year warranty.


cUPC: Uniquely blend safety, hygiene, quality, and performance.
  EPA: Seamlessly blend comfort with environmental responsibility, excelling in performance.
   CEC: Certified user experience, energy efficiency, and environmental preservation.

Weights & Dimensions

Overall: 25.43'' L X 14.06'' W X 30.51'' H

Tank: 13.86'' H X 13.98'' L X 5.39'' W

Tank Lid: 0.67'' H X 14.06'' L X 5.51'' W

Toilet Seat: 2.17 Back/ 0.98 Front '' H X 14.17'' W X 17.72'' L

Toilet Seat Inside Ring: 8.46'' W X 11.81'' L

Bowl: 13.39'' L X 9.65'' W

Toilet Seat Height - Top to Bottom: 16.61''

Bowl Height - Top to Bottom: 15.94''

Trap-way Diameter: 2.20''

Rough In Size: 11.81''

Bolts Spread Distance: 6.10''

Distance from the Seat Installation Hole to the Tank: 2.17''

Distance from the Back of the Toilet to the Wall: 3.54''

Toilet Installation Hole Distance: 5.91''

Height from the Bottom of the Water Tank to the Ground: 15.75''

Distance Between the Center of Adapter and the Center of Trap-way: 4.13'' 

Toilet Base Dimension(Length & Width): 18.90 * 11.02''

Overall Product Weight: 119 lb.

What included in the package?
  • Toilet seat, wax ring kit, bolts.

Compatible Accessories

Toilet Flange: DV-F0071P11

Side bolt cover parts: DV-F0071P21

Flushing button: DV-F0071V31

Fitting: DV-F0071V01

Toilet Seat: DV-F0071S11

Installation instruction: DV-F816M01

Toilet installation package: DV-F0071S01

Tank lid: DV-F0071T11

Toilet Seat Bidet: 

DeerValley's Toilet Seat Bidet offers convenience, eco-friendliness, and hygiene with its dedicated feminine wash, self-cleaning, electricity-free operation, and universal toilet compatibility.

Installation Manual:

DeerValley bath always focuses on the development and production of bathroom products. We have superior factories to develop our high-quality products, a perfect after-sales service system and are committed to providing excellent fashionable designs. We've been growing...

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